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Antique Eyeglass

In this tough economy it is very important to get the most for your shopping dollar. So there is no real excuse to over pay for a Antique Eyeglass when there are dozens of them for auction on eBay. You also have to think, eBay is one of the safest and most trusted online shopping sites in the world. This site is authorized by eBay to help you find the Antique Eyeglass you are looking for and at save you some money over store prices. If you don't see the exact product you are looking for below. Use the search function on your right to enter the type and model you want.

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Antique nose Eye Glasses with Marshall Fields Case,Vintage Antique Ful-vue 12K GF Wire Glasses Eyeglasses 1942 Dr W H Braunlin JT53,Antique RARE Cats Eye Eyeglasses Sunglasses Aluminum Temple Chocolate Brown ,Antique White & Yellow Gold Filled Eyeglasses,antique CIVIL WAR ERA EYE GLASSES w/TIN CASE ,CIVIL WAR ERA ANTIQUE OVAL METAL VINTAGE EYEGLASSES W ORIGINAL HAND CARVED CASE,Antique AMERICAN OPTICAL Safety Glasses AO72,STEAMPUNK, GOTH,MOTORCYCLE, BIKER,Antique Vintage Wire armed Eye Glasses marked MO Co.,Antique Windsor Spectacles Vintage John Lennon Harry Potter Style Eye Glasses,SHURON RIMLESS ANTIQUE EYE GLASSES VINTAGE RETRO 12 K GF KARAT GOLD FILLED ,Antique Collectible Leather Tie Case 1930s 1940s Estate Sale ,VINTAGE EYE GLASSES OVAL GOLD METAL FRAME RETRO ANTIQUE CIVIL WAR ERA,GOLD TONE LORGNETTE PINCE NEZ ANTIQUE EYEGLASSES VINTAGE ANTIQUE ,Vintage/Antique Shuron 1/10 12k G.F. Framed Eyeglasses with Case,Antique Pince Nez Glasses Spring Bridge Eyeglasses with Chain & Hairpin,Antique Eye Glasses Eyeglasses Science Medical Optical Spectacles Optometrist,Vintage Antique Saniglass Kings Safety Glasses Goggles Mesh Steampunk Aviator,CIVIL WAR ERA ANTIQUE EYE GLASSES OVAL METAL VINTAGE EYEGLASSES SILVER TONE, VINTAGE INDIAN EYEGLASSES ANTIQUE GOLD ETCHED DETAIL,SHURON RIMLESS ANTIQUE EYE GLASSES VINTAGE RETRO GOLD TONE FILLED? ,Antique 1930's Set of Spectacles Museum Quality Rarely Used,HORN RIM ROUND BLACK GOLD SPECTACLES HARRY POTTER ANTIQUE EYEGLASSES VINTAGE,Antique vintage glasses Dr Haux $5 And Dr. A. Enz, Jr. 12 KGF early 1900's ,Vintage Eyeglasses Spectacles 1/10 12k Gold Filled Fulvue Antique,Vintage Round Eyeglasses Spectacles B & L 1/10 12k White Gold Filled Antique,Vintage Ornate Eyeglasses Spectacles 1/10 12k White Gold Filled Antique,Antique Civil War era sharpshooters steel rim glasses dark gray/green,Antique Eyeglasses with Case Cooke Findlay Ohio Round Silver Color,Antique Vintage Eyeglasses Glasses Spectacles Wire-rim Childs Early 1900's (?),Antique Vintage AO Cortlande Octagon Shaped Gold-Tone Rimless Eyeglasses,4pr ANTIQUE WIRE FRAME EYEGLASSES GLASSES 12K G.F FANCY LENS CASES,Antique Vintage STOCO Oval Wire Rim 1/10 Eyeglasses Spectacles Glasses 12K Gold,ANTIQUE Hardshell Eyeglass Cases Lot of 12,2prs ANTIQUE EYEGLASSES w UNUSUAL ARMLESS WIRE FRAMES,4pr ANTIQUE EYEGLASSES w WIRE FRAMES,2pr ANTIQUE EYEGLASSES w ROUND WIRE FRAMES WINDSOR? JOHN LENNON,ANTIQUE WINDSOR EYEGLASSES w GOLD FILLED WIRE FRAMES JOHN LENNON,ANTIQUE 12K GF WHITE GOLD FILL LORGNETTE PINCE NEZ EYEGLASSES OXFORD STREAMLINE,Antique Wire frame glasses - John Lennon style - with case,ANTIQUE 12K GF WHITE GOLD FILLED LORGNETTE PINCE NEZ EYEGLASSES,


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